So Good It's Spooky: Running the Perfect Horror Night

Posted on: 10 May 2018

Whether you're a fan of dark slashers, tense thrillers, creature features or comedy horror, you're bound to want the best experience out of your scary movies. It's common knowledge that it's best to wait until nightfall and keep a cushion close by for convenient hiding. But what else can you do to make your screening of the latest gore-fest the best that it can be? Here are a couple of quick tips and ideas to try out—before you turn the lights out.

Get a Wide Selection

Horror is rarely as effective the second time you see it, so if you really want to freak yourself and your guests out, you'll want to choose something that nobody has seen before. This can make picking a title difficult, which is a recipe for slowing down any movie night. You can avoid running out of options by skipping the DVDs and instead relying on on-demand movie streaming services. Few personal collections are as big as the ranges they offer, and you can still keep your selections a secret to keep your guests on their toes.

Go Big on Snacks

Few things whet the appetite like a good horror movie, so you'll want to make sure you're fully stocked up on food to satisfy all your mid-movie cravings. After all, nobody wants to have to pause during a tense scene so that somebody can order pizza. However, you should also try to choose your snacks wisely. Anything in a packet, for example, will make a lot of noise; you can avoid this by tipping them into bowls in advance. If you want to take all of this a step further, you could theme your snacks. Pumpkin seeds to snack on during Halloween, anyone?

Block Outside Noise

External chatter can be irritating during any kind of movie, but it can be an entirely different experience if you're watching something scary. Make sure everybody's phone is set to silent before you press play, and if anybody else will be home while you're watching, make sure to let them know you're watching a movie and keep the area closed off so you won't be interrupted.

Of course, good company is the only thing that can really make a good movie night, but you can certainly help it along by streaming the right movie direct to your living room and making the atmosphere right. Get in touch with companies like Swift Networks to learn more about getting on demand movies.


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