How to Throw an Awesome Beach Party When You Live Nowhere near the Beach

Posted on: 26 October 2016

Who says you need to live by the sea to throw an awesome beach party? Organizing a backyard beach party even on the inland is a great novelty, perfect for birthdays, special occasions, or just enjoying warm weather with friends. Hitting the beach has even been shown to have multiple health benefits, which you can recreate at home.

Next time there's a heatwave, don't sit inside dreaming of a tropical getaway -- create your own instead. Your party will be completely private, without the stress and noise of crowded tourist locations. The ideas below will help you to throw an amazing beach party that's fun for all ages.

Create a giant sandpit

Every beach needs sand, and luckily, it's cheap to get a hold of. If you're planning regular parties, you could invest in a wooden sandpit with a cover that keeps it clean and dry all year round. If this party's more of a one-off, simply purchase a large sheet of tarpaulin and then spread out and cover it in play sand. This creates a nice, natural transition between your backyard and your 'beach', and the tarpaulin will make it easy to clean up.

If there will be kids attending, you could buy several smaller sandpits and separate the areas by age categories, proving appropriate toys and supervision. Set up sun umbrellas or a marquee hire above the sandpits to ensure that there's no risk of anyone getting sunburn or heatstroke -- especially young children who are more susceptible.

Play volleyball

It's hard to play volleyball without getting nostalgic about past holidays. The game is so simple that all you'll need is to set up a net and provide the balls. Playing in teams is the most fun, and you could set up a scoreboard to encourage some healthy competition. Give out seaside-themed prizes to the winners -- decorative shells, inflatable toys, or novelty sunglasses are all good choices.

Set up paddling pools and water slides

Paddling in the sea is one of the best parts of a beach holiday, especially for kids. Set up some small paddling pools for the little ones to splash about in, and provide larger pools for the adults. You'll be able to enjoy the water without worrying about any sea critters or slimy seaweed, and it's a great way to build up swimming confidence in young children. Using a large marquee hire is the best way to keep everyone safe and cool, as being in water can wash off sun lotion, and increase the risk of getting burnt.

If you've got a big enough garden, try setting up a water slide. You'll need a long piece of plastic and plenty of water and washing up liquid. Make sure there's plenty of room at the end of your slide to avoid accidents. Some models include a sprinkler that sprays water from above, which kids will love.


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