Transport Options on Your Big Day: How to Get Your Guests to and from Your Wedding

Posted on: 7 July 2016

Getting married requires a great deal of logistical planning. One of the important aspects of your big day is ensuring that all your guests can get to and from the venue safely and with a minimum of fuss. So what are some key ways to make sure that your guests can get there quickly and easily to celebrate your big day?  

A Central Location

Depending on your budget and your preferences, you might already have discarded the idea of hosting your wedding at a truly central location, somewhere in the heart of your town or city. But you should also consider that hosting your big day in a rural location can pose some issues when it comes to transportation. Check out the cost of renting a minibus or coach (and there will be more about that shortly), and then the cost of function venues in a central location might not seem so steep. Your guests can easily make their way to and from somewhere central, much like they would do on any other social occasion.

An Isolated Location

Some guests might not ordinarily drive themselves, and if you opt to host your wedding in a rural setting, some guests might consider leaving their cars at home since they will be consuming alcohol. So how do you get everyone there and then home? This is when you might need to think about renting a minibus or van. There would need to be a pick-up from a convenient transport depot, such as a central bus station or train station. Ideally there would be a branch line that runs to a train station close to your venue, and guests can be picked up and dropped off from there. This means that any minibus or van would not be needed to travel such a long distance, thus reducing your costs. If you need to rent transportation, there are a few things to consider.

  • Your guests will need to be made aware of the fact that there will be transportation from a designated point to the venue, and will need to RSVP as soon as possible (such as when they RSVP for their actual attendance at your wedding). This allows you to know just how big a coach or minivan will be needed. A helper will need to be on the transportation, checking everyone's name off on a list. They will also need to have the mobile phone numbers for all the guests who have chosen to use this transportation so that they can chase up any latecomers if needed.
  • It's impractical to drop each and every guest at their home after the wedding reception. They will need to be dropped off somewhere they can use public transport, so once again, this can be at a central bus station or train station. If public transport does not run particularly late in your town, then a taxi stand will do. Please pre-order taxis well before the night in question. It can often be difficult to get taxis at night in some cities, so it will be a weight off your mind to know that your guests will have their connecting transportation waiting for them once they are dropped off at the designated location.

So while getting all your guests to and from your wedding venue can seem a little complicated, it doesn't have to be so difficult as long as you plan ahead. 


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